Mr. Vegas Talks On Himself, Sean Paul and Other Dancehall Artistes Getting Disrespected By Dons/Gangsters – Watch Video

Saying, “Silk Boss is not the first youth inna dancehall fi get box up,” Mr Vegas indicated that many entertainers in the music industry suffered a similar ordeal.

Silk Boss Receives Several ‘Box’ During Brutal Beating From 2 Men – Watch Video


In a video nearly 24 minutes long, Mr. Vegas spoke out against anyone mocking Silk Boss over the assault he suffered. Walking down memory lane, he shared his experiences with men who held him and Sean Paul at gunpoint. According to Mr Vegas, there are many entertainers who were bullied and beaten by gangsters. However, since it was not in the era of social media, no one knew about those incidents.

“You don’t have to be involved with gunman or gang fi get box up,” he is heard saying in the video. He recalled a time when he went to Canada, and the promoters wanted to kill him because they could not get a hold of his manager, who had requested payment before he boarded the plane. “Di man dem wah kill me because dem couldn’t catch mi manager, because dem seh mi manager diss dem,” he explained.

Mr. Vegas said the promoters claimed they were the Dons of Montreal and Toronto in Canada. Later, he added that the men forced him to perform longer than he intended at an event, and the men had him like a “prisoner” for an entire week, doing what they wanted and forcing him to make dubplates.

Following more occurrences, one of the promoters threatened to crash a vehicle with Mr. Vegas and his associate. Additionally, he recounted gangsters giving him the ultimatum to perform at an event or die. There was even a time when a promoter demanded the money back immediately after his performance. Mr. Vegas also claimed he saved Baby Cham’s life after he overheard gangsters planning his demise at an event.

Another incident he spoke about was when he went to Don 1 Studio with Sean Paul, Baby Face, and others to do dubplates. He described Sean Paul, who at the time had not made it big yet, as someone who was “mean.” He also claimed that Sean Paul refused to do the dubplates without being paid, saying he wanted to “get him fadda outta prison.” On the other hand, Mr. Vegas first wanted to do a dubplate for someone else in the studio who paid, but the ‘Don’ thought they were disrespectful and gave a youngster a gun with instructions to shoot them.

“Likkle most unnuh don’t have a Sean Paul right now. You know who mek unnuh have a Sean Peaul? A man name General B,” he subsequently stated. “Di likkle bwoy squeeze di trigger but di trigger nah squeeze,” he said, remembering the gun aiming at him.

According to Mr. Vegas, General B jumped in front of the gun and offered to do the dubplate, which made the ‘Don’ call off the youth. “Nuh man nuh affi involve inna tings fi badman diss dem,” he continued.

After stating that an artiste did not have to create “badman” songs for gunmen to target them, he warned that the entertainment business is a “dark world,” and anyone could be assaulted.

Watch the video with Mr. Vegas below.

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