Ricky Trooper Threatens Mr Vegas For Informer Allegations

Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 7:51 PM GMT-5

Veteran music selector Ricky Trooper has issued a strong threat to dancehall artiste Mr Vegas for allegedly accusing him of being an informer because of a video Trooper made in which he spoke on Busy Signal’s arrest.

According to what was said in the video, Mr Vegas indicated that the Veteran was possibly an informer because Trooper was allegedly speaking about the FEDs coming after Busy Signal before the authorities had actually made their move.

Due to these insinuated allegations Mr Vegas made which Ricky Trooper said was putting his life in danger, Trooper has warned the artiste to expect a beating from him and even said he is willing to do time in jail for the assault charges that he would face afterwards.

Trooper, who did a Livestream addressing the matter, was angrily arguing that he did not lose his visa overseas, which Mr Vegas allegedly stated, saying the FEDS deported Trooper. However, Trooper explained that he was standing next to Vybz Kartel when he received a call informing him that he no longer had his Visa and Kartel commented on the situation saying it happened because Trooper is a member of the Gaza crew.

“Jamaica mi deh when mi lose mi Visa, zeen,” Trooper stated. “And yuh a come talk bout dem deport mi. Deport who? Who deport mi pussy? Batty bwoy, who deport mi?”

“Bwoy yah set up mi life fi people kill mi, mi see dat a dat yuh deh pan ennuh,” he added.

He continued by telling Mr Vegas to face him as he was going to beat him up and Mr Vegas would not be able to defend himself with the licensed gun he owns. Trooper stressed that he is going to “fuck up” Mr Vegas and “lye dung” in a jail cell afterwards for some months or pay a fee.

“Mi ago show yuh seh mi a bad bwoy fi yuh,” he went on. “Any weh mi see yuh mi ago beat yuh up, mi ago fist yuh up.”

Subsequently, he said that he and Busy Signal are on good terms with each other and stated that when he got a call at the Embassy with questions regarding other persons, he did not say anything to anyone even though he knew a lot of things.

Watch the live stream below.

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