Hotta Rice Responds To Ricky Trooper In Defence Of Jashii And Skillibeng

Monday, February 21, 2022, 4:23 PM

Dancehall selector, Hotta Rice has responded to his fellow selector Ricky Trooper’s bashing of the new crop of young deejays in the industry, namely Skillibeng and Jahshii who he claims lack the skills to do their thing on foundation riddims, as well as the ability to kill sounds with dubplates.

One of the reasons why Trooper made his comments was because most of the young entertainers of this generation have been doing what is known as Trap Dancehall.


In his response to what the Sound Trooper selector said, Hotta Rice made it clear in an Instagram live, based on what he is seeing it looks as if Ricky wants to destroy the careers of young artistes and as such he is telling the experienced sound man to leave the youths alone.

One point that the selector who responded to Ricky Trooper highlighted was that he never built the careers of the youngsters and as such he should not want to tear them down.

Continuing his bashing of Trooper, Hotta Rice made it clear that every man got their time, however, some did not make use of theirs and that is why some would choose to target the young entertainers that are rising, however, the selector stated that the same persons criticising the youths are the same ones that are ending up being ashamed because of how the youths are mashing up the place.

Hotta Rice also gave a word to the selector he is opposing as well as any other person that wants to bring down the young artistes in the business that once they do that it is a disrespect to him as well since he is helping to build the youths, something they are not doing.

Watch Hotta Rice defend Jashii and Skillibwng against Ricky Trooper.

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