Murders On The Rise In The Corporate Area

Monday, May 3, 2021, 3:00 PM

Jamaica News, The Jamaica Constabulary Force has released new information on some aspects of the crime rate from January 1st to April 24th, and while some criminal activities are decreasing, the murder rates continue to increase.

According to the report the St. Andrew South police have recorded the highest numbers of murders at 64, which is a bit more than it was for the previous year at 52.


The increase in murders have also been seen in other divisions too as in St. James, 54 people have been killed compared to last year’s number of 30, for Kingston Western the number is 34 compared to the previous 29, For Kingston’s eastern division there have been 28 murders for this year more than last year’s 16 that was recorded in the given time frame.

Kingston Central also experienced a rise in murders as well, for the same period last year they only recorded 17 cases while this year it increased to 25.

Cases of Rape have successfully declined as 113 has been recorded since the start of the year, which is way less than the 201 that was documented for 2020.

Robberies have also decreased as last year at this time the case amount was 347, but this year it is a little lower at 301.

Check out the CVM News report below.

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