How Pop Music Can Help Me Write My Paper

[PAID(NoADS)]Some people say music is therapeutic while others insist it is the only real magic they have ever encountered. Plato eclipsed everyone when said, “Music is a moral law. It gives souls to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm and gaiety to life and everything.” Whatever you believe music to be, there is someone somewhere who regards it more highly than you. Currently, music seems to be the only thing that the world agrees on and its cohesive or uniting abilities always traverses the different cultures.

Why to listen to music when studying?


Studies have also shown that music can help a student study and also help to increase a person’s productivity. While under pressure during exams or before approaching deadlines, studies do indicate that music can help one to relax. By putting on some relaxing music, it is indeed possible to enhance or optimize your mindset and get yourself into the best position to handle a test or complete an assignment.

Pop music can increase your productivity

However, an exceptional effect has the pop music as it can help you handle your tasks. If you are looking for an energy boost or if you need to stimulate your mind, put on some pop music and especially from your favorite artists. Panicking is also something reminiscent of school life especially while doing an assignment or during a test. It can disorient one’s thoughts and induce worry which can momentarily cripple your mind and thus render your brain temporarily obsolete. However, listening to some of your favorite beats or instrumentals, whichever you prefer, can help you put your thoughts in order. Pop music is indeed magical and by far one of if not the greatest asset on earth.

Pop music has had tremendous effects on the world. People have not only used it to express their feelings but also to communicate their sentiments regarding certain doctrines or laws. Pop music is quite old and while some believe it began in the 60s, evidence suggests otherwise. Even though the artists were predominantly white when it started, currently, everyone produces and listens to pop music.

Not all music will help you study but research indicates pop music is good for this purpose. However, it also suggests that students should stay away from music with lyrics. Below are, therefore, some examples of pop artists whose music you can listen to while studying. NB: their music is nearly wordless.

Pop songs to add to your playlist

Explosions in the Sky – not all music by this group will help you study. However, a song like First breath after coma helps to create a relaxing mood. This song is not intense and as wordless as it is, it can indeed help you focus more on the assignment or task ahead instead of singing along. It is no secret that pop music is catchy but this song makes it easy for you to calmly approach your assignment. While writing, you need to remain calm and avoid any instances of panic and this is the right song for you.

The xx – this indie pop band is indeed talented. Songs such as Intro are quite relaxing and moreover, there is a longer version of this song on YouTube. The longer version is the one recommended for you because it helps to maintain your focus. While writing, it is essential that you maintain your focus and build your productivity. The Intro is a song that can help you do exactly that.

Ed Sheeran – he is arguably the biggest male pop artists on the planet right now. His songs not only attract millions if not billions of viewership on YouTube but are also slow and can be a great addition especially when one is studying. Songs such as Perfect, Thinking out loud, Photograph just to mention but a few are perfect while studying. If you are panicking because of an approaching deadline or have a number of tasks to complete within a short period of time, you can download or listen online while you are working. With their relaxing and soothing tone, you will be able to calm your mind and be able to approach your assignment in a relaxed mood. At, a majority of writers prefer a relaxed environment and therefore, most of them have Ed Sheeran’s songs in their playlists.

Michael Jackson – the legend and the greatest pop artist to ever live is still alive at least through his music. Michael broke and made numerous records that ever existed and still continues to rule the airwaves. Fast songs are often preferred while writing because they help to stimulate one’s mind. Including Michael’s songs such as Thriller, Billie Jean, and The way you make me feel in your playlist can do the trick. You can energize yourself and even make it easier for yourself to work long hours.

According to, you can listen to music when working or use it as a background noise to help you fend off distractions. You have to choose your music carefully because some music will act as the distraction you are so bent on locking out.


In conclusion, pop music is popular for a lot of things but for some people, it is only for fun and entertainment. However, for students, it can be a great asset and if used well, it can even help boost your daily productivity.

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