Muta Anticipates “Physical fist to fist fight” Between Jamaican Politicians “Before the next election”

Renowned Afrocentric radio personality, musician, and poet, Mutabaruka, shared bold predictions about the escalating tensions among Jamaican politicians as the next election draws near. During his radio show, on Thursday, Mutabaruka expressed concerns that the confrontations between Jamaican politicians could devolve into “physical fist to fist fights” before voters head to the polls.

This bold claim comes in the wake of the controversial incident in the Jamaican House of Representatives, where Opposition Leader Mark Golding and Prime Minister Andrew Holness were at the center of a heated exchange. Mutabaruka humorously remarked on Golding’s decision to continue his budget speech on Duke Street in Downtown, Kingston after Holness abruptly exited the parliamentary session.

Mutabaruka highlighted the need for calm and composed advisors around Prime Minister Holness, critiquing the presence of Everald Warmington who he calls “wermington”, known for his provocative remarks, as an unsuitable influence. The poet and radio host specifically pointed out Holness’s reaction to criticisms levied by Golding regarding Juliet Holness, the Prime Minister’s wife, and her prominent role as the speaker of the House of Representatives. According to Mutabaruka, the Prime Minister’s visible emotional response was unbecoming of his office.

According to Muta, Golding is a ‘different type of politician’, one that will say something to make the other “look bad!”. He anticipates more provocations from Golding, “it ago get red!” he declared. These incidents paint a picture of a political landscape charged with tension and personal animosities, suggesting that the upcoming electoral cycle could be one of the most contentious in Jamaican in recent times.

Mutabaruka’s predictions, while alarming, reflect a broader concern about the intensifying rivalries and personal dynamics shaping Jamaican politics. As the next election approaches, all eyes will be on these key political figures and their interactions, with hopes that the discourse remains within the bounds of civility and constructive debate.

Listen to Muta below:

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