Mutabaruka Puts JLP Government On Blast For Bad Treatment Of Rastas And Marijuana Users

August 7, 2021

Popular radio personality Mutabaruka is calling out the Government for the prosecution of Rastafarians that have been taking place for years and with the recent alleged trimming of a young woman’s locks, many other people have begun to speak on the matter.

The “Cutting Edge” host spoke on the issue in his last radio show, where he made a bold statement saying that the worst atrocities that have ever been brought unto Rastafarians have stemmed from the Government of Jamaica. The very same ruling party at this time.


He also tackled them stating that they were the same ones who have been against marijuana since day one, blaming their attacks on Rastafari in the past, on the fact that they use the plant which they claimed made them mad.

In making his point, Muta referred to several periods which saw some very terrible events unfold, such as; in the ’50s when Rastafarians began to feel the intensity of oppression in various communities such as Pinnacle and Backawall. He also mentioned the well known 1963 Coral Gardens massacre that claimed the lives of many “Rastas” at the hands of police sent by the Government.

The radio personality also dragged the memory of his listeners by reminding them how the Police used to cut the locks of “Rastas”, under the orders of the Government. For the recent incident, however, that included the young woman who had her locks allegedly cut by a policewoman, Mutabaruka says he is not letting it slide as the Government usually uses other things to cool burning issues of the sort whenever they arise.

The radio personality is not letting it go, however, and on his recent talk show where he addressed the matter, he encouraged as many people as possible to let their voices be heard where it concerned the social and Religious controversy that has become a main conversational topic in the country.

Where it concerns the Policewoman who allegedly carried out the act, Mutabaruka is saying that she should be carried to court and lose her job as she has no remorse where the situation is concerned and has even been making bold statements about the issue, knowing that the Government backs her.

In search of justice, the radio personality is encouraging Rastafarians and even the common man to join forces and stand up against the government whether it be in the form of protest or just getting their voices heard somehow because, in his opinion, it is ridiculous to see discriminations of the sort happening in 2021.


Muta outlined that he is not picking up for the PNP Government either because they are “Idiots”.

Listen more from Muta in the audio below.



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