Mutabaruka Speaks Out Against The Government’s Vaccine Plan

Tuesday, March 16, 2021, 8:42 AM

The host of the “Stepping Razor”, radio program, Mutabaruka shared his thoughts on the recent rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine, in Jamaica and he had quite a few challenging things to say to the Government.

Muta described the impending situation as a paradox that carries a lot of questions.


One particular thing he brought forward is that a company in the United States has stated that anything that happens to anyone who takes the vaccine, will be the responsibility of the government.

With that being said the radio host wanted to know if it is going to be the same policy in Jamaica, however, he is not confident about it since the leaders of the country have been a bit shady about the whole thing.

In making his point clear, he referenced a recent interview that was done between Dion Jackson Miller, and Member of Parliament Christopher Tufton, where the politician was asked if he would take the vaccine but could not give a straight answer.

Muta stated that it was things like those that created distrust for the government amongst the people, as Tufton was asked the question several times but failed to answer it directly.

He also drew back on the fact that last year, Prime Minister Andrew Holness stated that the vaccine will not be mandatory however, according to Baruka, they know what they are doing and will eventually implement policies that will force people to take it.

Already the government has rolled out a plan to pay persons over 60 years 10,000 dollars if they take the vaccine which Muta sees as an underhanded move.

The ” Stepping Razor” host said that the people should see the Politicians get vaccinated, as some of them are not planning to take it and will lie about the process.

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