Mysterious Heartbeat Emitting From The Sun

March 2, 2023

The sun has always been referenced in different mythologies, varying because of the cultures that developed them, such as Greek mythology and Egyptian mythology, among others. However, they all seem to, in one way or another, refer to the sun as a higher being.

In a Twitter post that was released Wednesday, scientists have discovered a strange pulsating phenomenon of periodic radio signals occurring in the atmosphere of the earth’s sun.


The researchers have been studying the repetitively occurring event and have deemed it to resemble the rhythm of a heartbeat. According to, the event repeats itself every 10–20 seconds, but the scientists have expressed that it is surprising because, when they looked into the matter, they realised that it was happening at a distance way outside the expected solar flare generation zone.

In the Twitter post, it read that, “the bizarre pattern was pinpointed to a C-class solar flare located 3,106 miles above the star’s surface.”

Additionally, according to information garnered from NASA’s website, a solar flare is a powerful radiation flash caused by the release of magnetic energy from dark areas on the sun’s surface called sunspots. Solar flares are the most powerful explosions in our solar system, and they are visible as bright areas on the sun’s surface that can last from a minute to many hours.

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Furthermore, scientists have classified the occurrence as a “quasi-periodic,” which is a pulse that follows a solar flare and can be easily detected from a radio telescope. Scientists are aware that quasi-periodics are normal in the region where the phenomenon was noticed in the sun’s atmosphere, but they were baffled by what caused the recurrent nature of the event.


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