Nahchange Entertainment Manager Discusses Valiant Fall Out And Major Plans To Takeover Dancehall – See Interview

Friday, December 8, 2023, 3:39 PM

Head of Dancehall label Nahchange Entertainment, Daniel Foster, is on a quest to make his mark in dancehall. Along his journey, he made sure to secure an interview with one of the top podcasters locally to ensure that the masses get a chance to hear his big plans for the future despite several setbacks so far.

In the 41 minutes long interview, he details his past business relations with dancehall hitmaker Valiant, which led to a falling out. According to Foster, Valiant has not fulfilled half of his contractual obligations up to this date.


As per the manager, Valiant was paid $500,000 to do a song and music video with one of the artistes signed to his music group, Summa. Valiant did the song but kept giving him the run-around, saying he was busy when it was time for him to shoot the video.

However, Foster is not convinced by Valiant’s reason for not fulfilling their agreement based on a voice note Valiant sent him. “The dwag (Valiant) send me a voice note and a laugh and rae, him tek the wul thing fi a joke, me understand seh yuh tie up bad, and yuh have wul heap a video weh yuh a do, but look how much man yuh go do video wid,” Foster declared.

As he continued his interview with Jaii on his podcast, the manager said despite their past encounter, he was still a fan of Valiant’s music and has nothing personal against the ‘St. Mary‘ artiste.

Apart from his fallout with Valiant, Foster discussed his ambitious plans for 2024 with the artistes under his management; he also revealed the many bookings he had already lined up for America. In addition, Foster unequivocally states that his team of musicians will be taking over the dancehall scene as early as January 2024.

See the video below:

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Next up, Nah Change Entertainment is set to drop the “Money Pree Riddim” soon.

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