‘Nahchange Entertainment’ Plans to Feed Over 500 Homeless People This Christmas

Monday, December 4, 2023, 2:26 PM

Nahchange boss Daniel Foster plans to feed over 500 homeless people this Christmas, continuing into the new year. The manager and CEO of Nahchange Entertainment expresses that he feels good helping people in need just as much as helping artistes launch their musical careers, however, over the upcoming holidays he will be sharing the love with the homeless.

“God has bless me a lot and I love helping the poor so I will take the time out this Christmas and do the work of god I know how it feel to be without help or food I never forget where I am coming from so me and the team will be in the streets of Jamaica 🇯🇲 giving back to the homeless,” Foster stated.


The initiative is set to take place in Sections of Kingston and St. Catherine.

This is Daniel Foster
Daniel Foster

Foster who was also a recording artiste is now behind Shelly-Ann Curran’s Tea Time, one of the hottest podcasts in Jamaica at the moment. Shelly-Ann is also signed to ‘Nah Change Entertainment’ as a recording artiste.

The Nahchange leader sat down with The Fix recently to talk about his journey in the music business and future plans. Watch below:

Check out Nah Change Ent’s most recent musical release below:

@nahchangeentertainment 🙌 FUTURE GREATEST LINE OF ARTISTS IN THE CARIBBEAN 🇯🇲 PSALM 91 @summamuzik @aranark_the_artist

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Next up, Nah Change Entertainment is set to drop the “Money Pree Riddim” soon.

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