Shelly-Ann Curran Goes off on ‘Dancehall Queen Carlene’ “You Should Go Inna The Grave Wid Yuh Bloodc**t Sista” – Watch Video

Youtuber Shelly-Ann Curran blasts former Dancehall Queen competition winner Carlene Smith for allegedly dragging her child’s name via a leaked voice note released by Andre Stephenson. According to the polarising host, Carlene crossed the line when she decided to mention her child’s name, especially because she knew of her past, in which she had 13 miscarriages.

Shelly-Ann addresses Carlene by stating, “How do you have the time to be talking about people and them pickney, you know seh you coulda talk bout me all you want all if dem is lies but dirty Carlene you must e mad seh wid all the big man dem weh yuh ever tek, you talk about a two you still a pay rent a that a mad you?” Shelly-Ann asked.



The voice notes, played by Shelly-Ann, did not include Carlene talking about her son but instead a bewildered-sounding Carlene. According to Carlene, the voice notes Shelly-Ann was outraged about were spliced by someone, as she denied saying some of the things she heard herself saying in the voice notes.

As Shelly-Ann continued to play the voice notes, Carlene was also heard saying that she was sorry repeatedly and that she regretted the things she said out of anger. Despite her apology, Shelly Ann was not having it.

“Me a hear so something weh me nuh seh everything piecing together but it’s okay its alright anything yuh do or seh Shelly yuh have entitlement at all angles this is wrong ano so it go, it is edited me nuh seh dem something deh, me a listen to the thing and a seh how him do that,” Carlene outlined.

However, Shelly-Ann did pay some respect to Carlene Smith for saving her life following one of her miscarriages, which prompted her to send Carlene a message of appreciation. But Shelly-Ann said despite Carlene’s knowledge of her medical situation, she began spreading rumours that she had an abortion, which apparently led to a crack in their close friendship.

See the video below:


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