Najeeriii Pushes Girl Away – Watch Video

Trap Dancehall artiste Najeeriii is now facing backlash after a video surfaced showing how he forcefully shoved a female away when she tried to hug him during his performance. The emerging deejay left fans in a state of shock when they saw how he handled the situation.


In the video that was shared online, Najeeriii was very energetic on stage, performing a track that the crowd was vibing to. In the heat of the moment, the female climbed onto the stage to share a hug with the deejay.

However, as soon as her arms were around him, he pushed her off, resulting in her falling. Najeeriii continued with his set as if she was not there, and the female went to the other side of the stage where other people were standing.

Watch the full video of the incident below:


In reaction to the post, one viewer bashed Najeeriii by saying, “When u make john crow feel like hummingbird 😳,” another said, “😭That Gwaan when unuh frighten over artist,” and a third wrote, “Dem artist yah now a days nuh really love woman eh nuh baaay song them sing and diss woman.”

See more comments below:

Najeeriii, legally named Najeeri Smart, is a deejay who started to pursue a career in the music industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. The teenager has released numerous songs, including Goon!, Visionary, and SINTRAP. Some of his popular tracks are Hack We Hack, Rich Filly, and Paddle Boat, which is currently a viral sensation.


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