Narkoz – 2 Brothers From East Kingston

Narkoz the 2 brothers, Change Lawd and Quai Boss who have become some of the many new artistes who have been the latest rising artistes in the music business in Jamaica. The 2 brothers started their careers as artistes just after they left high school.

They were born in Rollington Town in East Kingston, a Ghetto. Finding the money to invest in their careers was not easy, it took them many years to get to where they are now. They are now performing at events and they have more followers on social media than many artistes that were in the business before them.

The 2 brothers spoke about growing up with their siblings and both their parents in their home. The family is close-knit and the brothers have always wanted to do things in their own way. They are some of the artistes who are using the latest genre “Dancehall Trap or Trap Dancehall” to reach their fans.

They believe there is nothing for them to worry about, when they are asked if trying something new with dancehall music could be bad for the genre, and it could be seen as them being disrespectful to the artistes who spent so many years working to take Jamaica’s music all over the world, so they can have a foundation to build on. They were adamant, as they believe dancehall music needed something to lift it up as if it was failing.

The hot single they have that their fans are crazy about is “White Tees”, it is a trap dancehall song and it is doing well for them.

They see themselves as 2 humble young men who are doing music because they like it and not because they are trying to get a lot of money and fame.

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