Natty King Says Good Music is Getting a Fight, Opens Studio on Winward Rd

Sunday, April 19, 2020, 5:46 PM GMT-5

Reggae artiste Natty King says he is building his studio at 121 Windward Rd in Kingston at the Skateland venue, there is also. Natty king states that a lot of young artistes are there, and he is asking everyone to look out for future productions. 

WelloWell is open and the Jamaican culture is being promoted and endorsed. Jah Device a brother from Nigeria, Africa has been a source of encouragement for the operation.


He was scheduled to perform at Wellofest and he didn’t get a chance to do so because he was late.

Natty King states that his career is doing good and he has a single with Jah Device, plus he has a song about how the people are asking, where is Natty King, the St. Thomas singer also sings about why he wasn’t booked for Sumfest?

Natty King doesn’t want the youth to suffer in Jamaica and he realizes that “good music is getting a fight”. He wants Jamaican artistes to get independent.

If the big promoters are not booking them for their shows, he wants them to know that they can have their own.

He said they should, Love the people and the people will love them, they should never say they don’t want any friends and they won’t be trying to find friends. Having friends is a great thing as they help to encourage artistes and make them bold.

King says there are artistes who are big in Japan and other places overseas butnot so big in Jamaica. He now says he will be making more music and he also realizes that many talented artistes are on the island to be produced and promoted.

The youth who are rising now, were listening to Natty King a long time ago. Even police and soldiers have told him that, when he is in the streets.

King seeks to sing songs that will uplift and guide persons, so they won’t get into trouble and go down the wrong path. He tries to teach the Ghetto youth so they will choose the right thing to do and say

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