Nelson’s new album, Ape Walk, is out now

I have been following your music for a while now, but for the ones who have not, can you tell them about your style?
My style is a fusion of Reggae/Dancehall over Hip Hop Beats . Listen Here
I remember you as Cherry L, what inspired you to change, eventually becoming, Nelson Serieux?
I got inspired to change my name to appeal to a wider audience and to be more authentic with my music. My birth name represents me better because it is who I am. My last name being French also allows me to connect with that market as well.

What is a typical day/week look like for you?
Typical Day /Week consist of Listening to a lot of New Music. I stay abreast with the current styles and sounds out there in every genre. I listen to at least 150 new songs every week. I also love riding my bike. I feel very liberated when I ride. I go to the studio at least once a week. More if I have to or if I am working on a project. I also like watching Movies and Documentaries, Going to see Live Bands or working on new Music. I really love the Beach as well . I try to go at least 3 times a week . So to sum it up my days and weeks are very Creative. I am always being inspired and seeking inspiration.  I spend many hours on the phone with my business partner and Producer DJ Hefna who does the majority of the Musical Production, artwork and overseas the business aspects of the Brand.

What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a music career?
Stay Focused, Work Hard ,Master Your Craft, Don’t Give Up , Understand all aspects of the Music Industry both Creative and Business , Be Patient and Love what you do. You have to Love it.
I know that you are from my island, same town and all. I’m from Grass Street, Mon Repos. Have you been to any other country besides the U.S and St. Lucia?
I have been to London, Colombia and Barbados.

How important is image, in your opinion?
Image is very important because it is what makes you unique and what most people gravitate to before hearing your Music . Image most times is the first impression and you always want that to be a lasting impression. The Music will do the rest as long as it is good music . The Music must be good .
Will we hear Nelson Serieux on a Lucian Kuduro riddim? Asking for a friend .. (lol)
Hmmm. Not too sure. Possibly but it is not something that I have thought about,

Have you done any tours this year? Or in the past?
Not done any tours this year. I was focused on releasing my Album (Ape Walk) and Mix Tape (DaApeTape) hosted by DJ Hefna Definitely planning to Tour next year. I have done many shows and a couple festivals in the past but not a Tour . I am very excited about doing one.
My readers are a bit curious now, they want to hear something you’ve done, can you point them in that direction?
Yes My Album (Ape Walk ) is on Itunes, Spotify iTunes
My MixTape (Da Ape Tape) is out on Spinrilla and SoundCloud

Who are your influences?
Freddy Mercury from the Band Queen. His vocal ability is out of this world and IZ also loved his stage presence
Bob Marley. His message and impact on the world will live on forever
Kanye West . His originality and Will Power is very inspiring. His production is very good too.
Shabba Ranks, Beenie Man Bounty Killer ,Assassin, Sean Paul, Shaggy Sean Paul Aidonia. Their contributions to Dancehall have been nothing short of stella
The Beetles . Their melodies and songwriting abilities were next Level

What’s next for the brand?
Next for the Brand Apewalk is the Official launch of the Clothing Line Apearell and many More Visuals, Albums, ApeTapes and Touring.

We’re both busy putting St. Lucia on the map, when was the last time you visited home?
I visited home in September . i spent 3 weeks. I had a blast. I always feel so at peace and have alot of fun with my family and friends. I really love visiting and want to go more often

Generally speaking, what do you consider to be some of the best moments and pieces in your work and/or career?
Best moments for me is the actual creation of a song . the process of creating. I love channeling that inspiration into life. I don’t write down any music. I just record it to a voice not on my phone and use that to build it. Its such a dope process. Best moments in my Career is being an Independent Artist and being Free to Create the Music I want .

How is the Miami area treating you?
I love Miami. It is the closest thing to St.Lucia in terms of weather and people. There is also a lot to do down here both artistically and entertainment wise . I really love it.

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