Nepa – Plastic Ban: 50% of waste collected from JA’s coastlines are Plastics and Styrofoams

A report that was generated by Nepa on International Coastal clean-up day, showed that plastic and styrofoam made up 50% of the total waste that was collected from the country’s coastlines. Peter Knight the Chief Executive Officer of the National Environment and Planning Agency, Nepa is seeking to reduce the use of single use plastic containers on the island.
Starting on January 1, 2019 the Government will impose the ban on imported and locally manufactured and distribution and use of specific plastic packaging.

Nepa has established a hotline (876-285-8531) and an email address ( Manufacturers and exporters can apply for temporary exemption.
The main items to be affected by the ban will include carrier/ shopping bags, styrofoam and drinking straws.


Mr. Knight expects the Public education program to be a challenge, but he is prepared for it. The main persons who will be affected by the ban, the Jamaican Manufacturers and Exporters Association have accepted it and plan to support it.

The public will be educated about what the alternatives are, as blocked drains have become a problem for a lot of Jamaicans whenever the rain falls.


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