New Commissioner ‘Major General Antony Anderson’ sworn In

March 21, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]The new Commissioner of police, Major General Antony Anderson, took the oath of office and was quickly sworn in by Dr. Gary Welch, justice of the peace and assistant commissioner of police at the Office of the Commissioner of Police yesterday. He even began his first day as commissioner right away.

Outlining the targets he will seek to reach during his time in the office. He plans to improve the morale of the policemen and women, improve the ability of the police to do investigations. In an effort to reduce the high murder rate on the island, he also plans to continue the “get the guns campaign”. 


Removing the guns from the guns from the hands of the criminals and reducing the amount of gangs on the island is a very big job. However if it is not done, there might never be any reduction in the murder rate. The gun has been the weapon of choice for most criminals over the years and gangsters kill for a living. If the police force is equipped to do the job of reducing the amount of gangs and guns; the commissioner will be seen as a hard working man who gets his job done.


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