New Coronavirus Cause Countries around the Globe to Gear up

It was recently revealed that the Coronavirus can spread between humans and this has heightened fears in China. Countries in Asia and other places started doing body temperature checks at airports, railway stations and along highways, as they try to find persons who are carrying the coronavirus that they think came from Wuhan, central China, the number of infected persons went up to 300.

A British Journalist could be the first Western person to be infected, he has been hospitalized. 
The World Health Organization held a meeting about it and also reported that more persons are dying as days pass by. 

A repeat of the 2002 and 2003 SARS outbreak is what they are trying to avoid, it started in China and killed approximately 800 persons, stopped transportation and damaged the economy. This caused them then to implement measures to prevent another outbreak.

In Japan many visitors are expected to arrive from China during the Lunar New Year Holiday, even though only one case has been detected there. the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged staff members to step up quarantine and increase checks at airports and other entry points.

In Australia flights from Wuhan are met by the bio-security staff and other health officials.

In the Us passengers from Wuhan are screened at John F Kennedy International Airport and other airports. According to Centres of disease Control 5000 passenger will be screened. The risk to the Americans is very low at this time. A test has been developed to diagnose the new Coronavirus. 

South Korea reported one case, Singapore has increased screening, Bangladesh Civil Aviation authorities have started screening passengers who are travelling from China.

On Mainland China most persons who are working in places where they have contact with members of the public, are now wearing protective masks.

The coronavirus causes an infection in the nose, upper throat or sinuses, some coronaviruses are not dangerous.

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