New Evidence Cause a Halt in ‘Beachy Stout’s Bail Decision

New Evidence was found in the cases that are before the court for the murder of Everton McDonald’s 2 wives, and this resulted caused another delay in the decision pertaining to the bail of the accused man. The popular 67-year-old Portland Businessman who was accused of murdering both his wives appeared before the Home Circuit court on Tuesday via Zoom.

Prosecutors announced that new evidence had emerged against ‘Beachy Stout’ who is now charged with the murder of his first wife Merlene McDonald who died in 2009 who was killed after she had parked her car at home one night and the murder of his 2nd wife Tonia Hamilton McDonald who died in July 2020.

Justice Vinette Graham-Allen yielded to the prosecution after there was an indication that new evidence was found. She placed her ruling on bail on hold in order to facilitate the May 13 hearing of the recent evidence.

However, his co-accused Astor ‘Tiny’ Barnes from Annotto Bay, St Mary was offered bail for $500,000. He is scheduled to return to the court on May 13 as well.

After the killing of Tonia last year, the 2009 case for McDonald’s first wife was revisited by the lawmen. There was a submission of a file to the (ODPP) Office of the Director of Public Prosecution before McDonald was charged with that other murder after a ruling was handed down.

Denvalyn ‘Bubble’ Minott, Astor ‘Tiny’ Barnes and McDonald were all charged with the murder of Tonia Hamilton-McDonald; but Minott Pleaded guilty in September 2020, to the murder and was sentenced to 19 years in prison. He was ordered to serve 10 years before he would be eligible for parole consideration.

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