New Foreign Based Plastic Surgery Office Opening in Jamaica

Designer Body’s made an announcement about their intention to do business in Jamaica; their managers are expecting to have a lot of clients. Jamaican men like to see women with big butts and the women might be willing to please their men.

There are celebrities in Jamaica who have already done their surgeries and they are looking good, this has caused more women to be interested in going under the knife.


Designer Body’s is expecting to open their office in April and they are expecting to have clients who will be asking for the Brazilian Butt Lift, tummy tuck, liposuction and breast work, all that is packaged and called ‘Mommy Makeover’.

The company offers their services in the US and in the Dominican Republic, and they that persons can feel a lot better about themselves after they do plastic surgery and change the pars of their bodies that they don’t like. g a lot of

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