New Information Reveals Nicardo “Papa” Blake As Not So Innocent in Jah Cure Incident

With the news of Jah Cure facing the courts in the Netherlands for a case that sees him being contemplated for attempted murder, things are getting heated up as some new information has been released about the matter putting perspective to everything.

In a video posted on youtube by Wayne “Lonesome” Brown, he spoke to a woman from Switzerland who had some very controversial things to say about Nicardo “Papa” Blake, of Roots Vibes Promotion, who the “Longing For” singer allegedly stabbed.

According to the woman, she had paid for shows in the past to see entertainers such as Anthony B and Buju Banton; however, all of those events were in the end cancelled by “Papa”, who was also said by the woman to not want to give back the money.

This new information added fuel to the already burning flame since “Lonesome” had already done an interview with “Papa” about the things people were saying about him; however, the promoter defended himself to the end.

At this point, however, “Lonesome” says he is convinced that something is wrong with Blake since he knows over 100 people who have tried to speak to him about the promoter and the scary stories surrounding him.

According to the Swiss woman, “Papa” should be the one in prison and not Jah Cure because of all the things he has done. The woman went on to tell the YouTuber that in her country people do not deal with him because they know him to be a thief and scammer.

In the same video, other accusations were made against the promoter claiming he used violence through a gang to get to people as well as to beat artistes and selectors to get his way.

Jah Cure was arrested on October 2nd after he allegedly stabbed someone on October 1st recognised to be Blake. The privacy laws governing the Netherlands where the situation took place has, however, prohibited any information relating to the case to be released to the public.

What is known though, is that the “Prison Walls” artiste was ordered to be remanded in a dutch jail for 14 days, while further investigations take place into the incident.

Many persons have been bashing the reggae singer since the arrest since he already did time in prison, however, this new information as provided by “Lonesome” reveals that Jah Cure might just have felt the anguish that many artistes and promoters had to deal with in the past, which led to his actions.

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