New Video Shows Quavo Arguing with Unidentified Group Before Takeoff’s Fatal Shooting – Watch Video

New video footage at the bowling alley in Houston surfaces on the internet which shows the crucial moments before rapper Takeoff, the youngest of the Migos, gets fatally shot.

As the recording shows, Quavo was engulfed in a heated argument having to do with basketball, as the word is heard being repeated multiple times during the faceoff, before the sound of gunfire drowns out everything but the screams of those who were trying to get away.

Prince Williams – WireImage file

In the video, Quavo is standing in the middle of a crowd, Takeoff a few paces behind. In the argument about the sport, affronted by something the other party might have said, Quavo is heard stating, “I don’t play like that bruh!” Just seconds after the words are uttered, a scuffle ensued followed by the sound of gunshots. As a series of shots are fired, possibly the work of two different weapons, people start scampering in all directions, trying to take cover.

As previously reported, Takeoff was shot in the head or near his head and was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident despite the attempts of Quavo and an eyewitness to save him.

Law enforcement agents from the Houston Police Department hosted a press conference earlier today and divulged that along with the death of 28-year-old Kirshnik Khari Ball (Takeoff), a male (23) and female (24) were also shot during the altercation and had to be transported to a hospital for treatment.

The police are asking any eyewitnesses who were at the scene and may have seen what happened to speak out about the grim incident so that more information can be gleaned from their accounts.

Watch the video of the Incident below:

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