“Tarzan” Movie Star Dies in Plane Crash

Monday, May 31, 2021, 12:37 PM

The star of “Tarzan” Joe Lara, died in a crash when he was travelling with his wife and a few other persons in a small plane that plunged into a Lake located in Tennessee over the weekend.

On Saturday the private jet, a Cessna 501, took off from Smyrna Airport in Florida heading towards Palm Beach. Not long after takeoff it plunged into Percy Priest Lake and rescue crews including fire fighters went to the scene.


The authorities reported that all the occupants succumbed to their injuries and their relatives were informed. An investigation was launched, in order to determine what caused the crash. A total of seven individuals died, they included Joe Lara, his spouse Christian diet guru, Gwen Lara, Jonathan Walters, Jessica Walters, Brandon Hannah, Jenifer J. Martin and David L. Martin.

It was reported that they all were a part of the same church and they were locals.

Joe who is also called JL was once a famous TV star between 1996 and 2000 when he starred as Tarzan the King of the Jungle. He also starred in a TV movie that was released years earlier “Tarzan in Manhattan”. He was a part of other action/fantasy projects throughout the years, and had 28 acting credits to his name. He acted in “Baywatch”, “Tropical Heat”, “The Magnificent Seven”, “Sunset Heat”, “Tropical Heat”, “American Cyborg: Steel Warrior”, “Gun Smoke: The Last Apache”, and many others.

Gwen Lara who was Gwen Shamblin before her marriage to Lara, was 66 years old and Joe was 58 years old. She was the founder of Remnant Fellowship Church and a weight loss program. 

The couple’s three children are left to mourn.

Learn more from the video report below.

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