New York Doctor Commits Suicide After Seeing COVID-19 Tragedy around her

Her father reported that the “grueling work” took an emotional and grave toll on his daughter who reportedly contracted COVID 19 and recovered but later took her own life after being overwhelmed by the tragedy around her.

Her father believes that Dr. Breen was a hero and one of many casualties of the virus. Most current health care workers are expected to be affected by the high death rate they see around them and not being able to help.

Dr. Breen who died at 49 years old was the head of the emergency department at a Manhattan hospital “She tried to do her job, and it killed her,’’ said her father who is also a doctor.

In many cases some health care workers will feel that they did not do enough to save a patient from dying in returning blaming themself which results in deep depression and mental break-down.

Also Healthcare workers are usually the ones who communicate with patients family which may erupt all type of emotions.

It was not reported how the doctor took her own life however it was reported that two days earlier a male health care worker shot himself in the head with his father’s gun after seeing the toll the virus as taken on the city.

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