Neymar Brought To Tears Over Rumours He Is Unhappy At Paris Saint-Germain

[Sharingbuttons]Neymar was brought to tears as he addressed rumours that he is unhappy at Paris Saint-Germain.

There have been multiple media reports that the Brazilian superstar has not settled into life at Paris after quitting Barcelona this summer.

Neymar is believed to have fallen out with manager Unai Emry and star team-mate Edinson Cavani, although the forward strongly denied the claims.

“I want to ask you to stop creating stories which are not true,” he told reporters.

“I want to say what I think. I’m totally realistic and what I don’t like is these false stories about me, there is nothing bothering me at my club.”

“I have no problem with Cavani, I have no problem with the coach – I came with his endorsement!”

He continued: “I want to be happy, I did not come to disturb anyone. I know my importance to the team, my role on the pitch. I beg you to stop.

“I’m not angry, I’m not p***** off. I came with my own will, to say what I think.

“I do not like rumours. What I talk about is the nuisance of people who think they know everything but don’t. So it’s easier for you to hear it from my mouth.

“I have no problem with PSG, what bothers me is the pressure of the press.

“I’m a guy who likes to win, I like titles and I went to PSG for this. I’m happy.

“I was happy when I left Barcelona and I’m happy now.”

Neymar reportedly walked away from the interview at this point, after becoming visibly emotional with the nature of the questions.

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