Nicki Minaj Addresses the Problems Between Meek Mill and Drake

Monday, April 23, 2018, 4:27 PM

[Sharingbuttons]Nicki Minaj now wishes Drake and Meek Mill didn’t have a beef, but she thinks they have moved on.
Nicki is back in the spotlight after working in the studio for a few months as she worked on a new album. She dropped 2 new singles last week and did an interview on the radio. During the interview, she spoke about the things that are on her mind. 

She spoke about her issues with Cardi B and Meek Mill’s legal woes and his disagreements with Drake, They started in 2015 and came over into 2016 as well. 


Nicki was a bit uncomfortable about the problems between Drake and Meek Mills, as she was dating Meek Mill and Drake was her labelmate.and close friend.

She eventually broke up with Meek Mill and then met with Drake who told her that he was worried that she would diss him in a track. That would be unlikely since she thinks that Meek Mill should not have started the feud in the first place.

Her fans can look forward to hearing her next album soon.

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