Nicki Minaj Blocks RT Boss And Denies Buying Him A Mansion

March 18, 2022

Self-proclaimed spiritual reader, RT Boss recently posted a video on his Instagram proudly showcasing a mansion that he claims to have been bought by international rapper Nicki Minaj for his birthday.

In the video, a massive mansion is shown in the woods and in the background, RT Boss could be heard telling someone to take a picture of his new home and stop acting nervous. Also, in the caption of the video posted, he expressed his utmost gratitude for the massive gift of a 10 acre Atlanta mansion allegedly costing $1.5 million bought by the rapper.


However, Nicki Minaj quickly refuted these claims by posting on her Twitter page a tweet stating that she has never met RT Boss before and for the media to stop posting propaganda without doing proper checks. She then went on to block him in the process and wish him well.

“Blocked. Imagine not only believing this but posting it like you confirmed it. Yall different. I’ve never met or spoken to this man a day in my life. He’s very entertaining though. Nardo baby, that gift must have come from one of your other rich secret admirers chile Bless up,” tweeted Nicki Minaj.  

Tweet from Nicki Minaj that has since been deleted

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