Rihanna Puts Critic In Their Place At Dior Fashion Week

RiRi strutted into Dior’s Fashion Week in Paris wearing a two-piece, black lace lingerie, a black leather trench coat with black knee-high leather boots. Since the announcement of her pregnancy with boyfriend A$AP Rocky, the Fenty Billionaire has ensured that she defies societal expectations when it comes to the expected maternity wear.

However, on her arrival at the event in Paris, someone shouted the words “You’re late”, which by Riri’s response she did not appreciate. In her usual sarcastic tone, Riri said “No shit!” as if she’s telling the person that yes she knows she’s late, so their comment was unnecessary by stating the obvious.

Dior Fashion Week 2022

This is also a known fact that Rihanna does not tolerate disrespect and will respond with her usual snide remarks to critics.

An example of this is when Riri told a critic that yes she is an immigrant who is trying to get their country (USA) together. This was in response to a comment made on a post where Riri was encouraging Americans to go out and vote.

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