Nicki Minaj Decides to Retire and Have a Family

Rap female superstar Nicki Minaj went online and surprisingly announced her retirement and wanting to start a family.

Nicki wrote the following online recently “Don’t you ever doubt yourself. If anyone would’ve told me as a lil girl from Trinidad that grew up poor that one day my face would be on a piece of @Fendi
clothing, I would’ve laughed. Your support for #ChunLi led to this. A song I made up off the top of my head as a joke. ILoveU”

One person commented “Who cares. She’ll be back in 2-3 years and y’all will say it’s a “comeback”..” while another said “atleast envy vouched for her. Nicki definitely worked HARD idc what you guys say about her”.

Watch for details on her retirement below!

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