Nicki Minaj fans Insult her Husband Kenneth Petty After Pregnancy Revelation

Thursday, July 23, 2020, 9:30 AM GMT-5

Petty’s criminal history has been made accessible to the world after his elaborate wedding ceremony with the “Super Bass” singer. Kenneth, who is labeled as a category 2 sex offender following rape charges faced in 1994, was 15 at the time of arrest, he also served time for his association in an unrelated manslaughter case.

Nicki defended her husband very boldly, protesting that he was unfairly accused and claimed that the victim in the rape case attempted to change her story after the trial but after being coerced with talks of possible jail time she decided against that.


Talks of Petty’s past may have simmered down a little, when news of Nicki Minaj and Kenneth’s baby has sparked much of a frenzy on social media.

A variety of comments ranging from humorous shading at Kenneth’s incapability of getting his children from school because of his status as a sex offender, to sincere empathy towards Nicki and her baby.

Some critiqued Nicki for her poor decision in choosing Petty as her husband in the first place. But Nicki is aware of who she married, and she is deciding to stick by his word and his side rather than bow to the public’s opinions.

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