Nicki Minaj’s $1.1 million Ring Bought by Husband

Nicki Minaj’s husband spent a lot of cash to secure her wedding band after he paid attention to it each step of the way during the process of the making of it; and went to great lengths to put it on her finger.

Raefaello and Co, the jewellers, says Kenneth (the husband) ordered the rings from them and they worked with him for several months on the design. Nicki’s custom ring now values $1.1 million, it features a 17-carat center and VVS2-clarity diamonds.


She is finally showing the bling to everyone and the jeweller who made it revealed that Kenneth Petty paid for it on his own.

The jeweller also told sources that Kenneth didn’t want anything gaudy, because he knew her style.

He wanted a traditional wedding ring for Nicky.

The words “Ken and Barbie” are allegedly engraved in the ring that Kenneth wears After the jeweller flew from New York city to Los Angeles some days before the wedding to deliver the very expensive rings in a customized jewellery box, it about Me” with a photo slide show of the couple.

The wedding ceremony in LA was low keyed there was a rush to the altar with the pastor as the wedding licence was close to expiring.,
“Nicki and Kenneth are definitely in love and they are happy”, the jeweller allegedly revealed.

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