Lagos, Nigeria in Chaos, Atleast 12 Civillions killed by Soldiers – Video Report

October 21, 2020

The end SARS protest started off as a peaceful protest about police brutality in the African Nation which turned out bloody after security forces intervened. According to one Nigerian footballer who plays for Manchester united, the government “is a shame to the world” as the leaders continue to combat the citizens with brutal forces.

Over 70 Million youths took to the streets in Lagos, Nigeria to protest against the high level of corruption in the country, many Nigerians believe that the government is not fit to govern hence they will take over the country and let the youths steer it in the right direction after many years of dictatorship.


Learn more from the video report below

Several gruesome videos have been released online of members of the security force killing civilians in the streets.

See one of the viral videos below

The protesters have since blocked the airport, burnt a bus station amongst other takeovers, see a police station on fire below.



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