Nigy Boy Talks Success of ‘Continent’ Song, Future Plans and More! – Watch Interview

Sunday, January 14, 2024, 6:30 PM

Emerging dancehall artist Nigy Boy is revelling in the success of his hit song ‘Continent’ which has propelled his career onto the international space. The groovy track swiftly made its debut on various music charts after being released on record producer Rvssian’s popular Dutty Money Riddim.

Along with topping YouTube’s trending music chart for Jamaica, Continent music video, which was shot in New York, has remained at No. 1 for a week, garnering over 1 million views. It also took the top spot for new songs on Apple Music’s reggae chart and was ranked the second most downloaded song in iTunes’ reggae category at one point.


The success of the song has also resulted in a demand for Nigy to perform the Continent song at different shows worldwide, and he told fans to keep an eye out for his upcoming live performances.

Nigy Boy, speaking on the success of his song, said his sudden ascent to global recognition came as a significant surprise to him. Despite having been in the music scene for some time, he expressed that he did not anticipate that Continent would be the breakthrough song to garner such widespread attention.

“It is an exhilarating feeling. I didn’t realise that this was going to happen so huge so fast, but, you know, we trust the process, and we’re just thankful for reaping the blessings as they come, and we’re just pushing forward now. We continental now,” the visually impaired artiste told Jason Williams during an Onstage TV interview.

During the interview, Nigy dived into the creation of the infectious song, explaining that he was told about the Dutty Money Riddim by multiple people, but he was initially doubtful about going on the beat. After researching the riddim and discovering the extent of its popularity, he decided to test the waters, but he did so in a unique way.

The 22-year-old expressed that he noticed that the other songs on the riddim had similar lyrical content, and he wanted to take the riddim in a different direction.

Explaining the process, he said, “I’m gonna see if I can come at this from a more unique vantage point cause everything that I hear, it sounds the same to me.” Thus the creation of Continent, which he described as a dancehall song that is laced with reggae and carries a hint of pop/R&B.

According to Nigy, he is not only a dancehall artiste because he likes a number of different genres. The Montego Bay native, who intends to balance school and his musical career, went on to say that after he teased a part of the incomplete song online the first time, it went viral, attracting lots of praise and a thumbs up from Rvssian.

This resulted in Nigy feeling motivated to continue the song, which he did and previewed another part of it online. Rvssian subsequently “authorised” the song, and Nigy went into the studio to officially record the song.

Watch the interview with Nigy Boy below:

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