January 25, 2019

Ninja Man is in good spirits, according to dancer and now business woman Keiva ‘Di Diva’ Hibbert. The veteran DJ turned 53 years old on Thursday, while in prison where he is now serving a life for the 2009 murder of Ricardo ‘Ricky Trooper’ Johnson.

In December 2017, justice Martin Gayle ordered that Ninja Man, whose given name is Desmond Ballentyne, must serve at least 25 years in person before he is eligible to be released on parole.


His son, Janeil, and co-convict, Dennis Clayton, will each have to serve 15 years behind bars.

Hibbert, a character witness at his trial, has often visited the artiste whom she described as a father figure and very close friend she said.

“When I go there, I’m always the one crying, and he’s always the one cheering me up. He’s a happy person. He doesn’t like to see tears and have sadness around him, so it’d be hard to know when he is said.”

Hibbert last saw him in 2018 when she visited him with dancehall artiste Stacious, and said she had an emotional breakdown.

“The last visit was difficult for me, so I haven’t seen him since about mid last year, but he’s always in good spirits like him a come out tomorrow,”
She said.

Hibbert continued to say that if the veteran was a free man on his birthday he would have spent the day, having fun, cooking, smoking and just a build a vibes with his friends and family.


Him is a person that will more celebrate him friend birthday than his own birthday.

“I remember one time I had a birthday party, and he met in an accident and still come and cut the cake then leave fi go hospital- that’s the kind of person Ninja is.”



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