Ninja Man reportedly transferred from GP… Not getting along with inmates and Officers

Reports in today are that incarcerated deejay Ninja Man was removed a couple days ago from GP, to the St Catherine Adult Correctional Centre, in Spanish Town. Ninja man who was recently found guilty of murder and sentenced to 45 years said to be not so liked at GP after recent comments about prisoners getting conjugal visits, Minja man at the time stated that it was not wise of the government to perm-mitt such happenings.

According to a source at GP “The officers are treating ‘Addi’ (Vybz Kartel) better than him. Him send fi a 50-inch TV and dem take it away. He paid for it to come in illegal though. The inmates dem a bun him out because him did a say man must not get sex from dem girls in prison and now see him drop a di same place,” he said.

“Di man dem a do him bad cuz dem a say him use to bun out Kartel when him did a get try fi murder and say if him do di crime, him must do di time. It look like him never know say fi him time did ago come so nuff man no inna too much chattings with him,” the insider said.

THE WEEKEND STAR contacted Ninja Man’s attorney Valerie Neita Robertson who said that she cannot confirm or deny the rumours.

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Ninja man is one of the legends in dancehall, him help to pave the way for vybes kartel so him should call ninja and let them watch the TV together


Dem shouldn’t even get a phone call


dem deff #gazanation don a road,don a jail


A lie this ninja ago prison long before so the man nuh say that


Big up ninja mon my blessings and prayers are with u ,since i was a child i grew up listening to him ,bounty,shabba and many more,i praise no man but god ,if sum of these people know how they sound they would delete there comments one bunch of uneducated god first..sum of these comments are why crime will never stop we arent our brothers keeper,sum of us are our own worse enemies always puttin eachother down,where is the luv and the forgiveness,so many of us are driven by hate,god bless this nation..