Ninja Man Sends Second Message to PM Holness, Security Minister, Mark Golding Etc Regarding Jamaica’s Prison System

Wednesday, February 7, 2024, 7:26 AM

Veteran Dancehall artiste Ninja Man has been campaigning via social media for better living conditions and opportunities for rehabilitation in Jamaican Jails/Prisons. Based on his latest open letter things are improving.

Despite crying out for changes in his previous messages, on Tuesday night Desmond John Ballentine who is more commonly known as Ninja Man lauded the government including the leader of the opposition and security minister for the good changes that he has been seeing in recent times.


In early January Don Gorgon called for unity for a positive change, he said, “From behind these prison walls, I, Ninja Man, call upon each of you to join a movement…to renew the minds of those who are locked up. In places like these, hope can fade and dreams can dim. But with your support and belief in transformation, we can ignite a powerful change.”

Ninja Man

In his late 2023 open letter, Ninjaman pointed to the lack of rehabilitation offered to inmates, saying it will only be beneficial for Jamaica if the rehabilitation process is improved.

He suggested that once convicts have served their time behind bars, those individuals should be offered meaningful assistance to help integrate them back into society.

In his latest message, Ninja Man thanks the leader of the opposition for his response to the previous letter, he also noted that the letter was acknowledged by members of the government despite not presenting a response as Mark Golding did.

According to Ninja Man who is currently incarcerated, “Since the publication of that letter, i have seen where changes are beginning to take place in the institution,” he went on the declare he’s not taking sole credit for the good changes, however, the changes have been implemented since his last open letter.

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