Nipsey Hussle’s Suspected Killer Pleads Not Guilty

April 8, 2019

The prime suspect who was captured and arrested last week is now claiming that he did not kill Nipsey Hussle. According to reports Eric Holder appeared in court last Friday and was represented by Christopher Darden, who’s a known attorney, getting fame from being a prosecutor in the much publicized OJ Simpson trial in the 1990s.

Eric Holder was earlier charged with one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder plus one count of possession of a gun by a felon. Due to Eric Holder’s none guilty plea, the case will then go to trial where if found guilty Holder may face maximum life prison sentence. Eric got a $5 million Bond


Watch court proceedings below!

Eric was arrested some 20 miles away from the crime scene after the police had put out a wanted warrant for the 29 year old aspiring rapper, he was on the run for 2 days, Cops stated that they found him hiding being a fire station.

Both Nipsey and Eric Holder knew each other, future reports stated that both men had a heated argument that day, even though both were Gang affiliated the cops are dismissing claims of the killing being over Gang war.

Since Nipsey’s death both Blood and Crip Gang members have made an effort to unite and put certain differences aside.

On the other hand fellow rapper Kodak Black has gotten himself into hot water over comments about wanting to smash Nipsey’s baby mother Lauren London who’s also an actress. In one particular video he said “Lauren London that’s bay tho, she finna be out here single… she finna be a whole widow out here, i’ll be the best man i could be for her…i’ll give her a whole year she might need a whole year to stop crying and shit” while he said other stuff in different videos.

First it was T.I now The Game is confronting Kodak Black online about his words about Nipsey and his wife. T.I stated ” Hey Kodak Black you outta pocket nigga, fix that shit… quickly… if no body else gonna say it i gonna say it and if i see yo i say it to yo face ”


The game said in a video while driving “This shit go for Kodak Black and any other nigga disrespecting my nigga nip name… his legacy his family nigga keep mah nigga name out yo fucking mouth nigga… this new generation all fuckt up in the head nigga… my nigga died out here in the fucking streets my nigga… nah nigga i ain’t going for that ”

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