NKlyne Bashes JAMAICA STAR For Using HOUSE His Mother Was Living To Spark Controversy – Video

November 9, 2021 3:55 PM

After the Jamaica Star published an article about the death of popular blogger/artiste Nklyne’s mother who was abducted and killed, many persons have been commenting on the picture of the house she was staying in at the time of the incident.

Some persons after seeing the dwelling were raising questions as to how the deejay allowed his mother to stay in the one-bedroom house that the star showed the 54-year-old woman living, with her common-law husband. On seeing that it seemed as if Nklyne was properly aggravated and made an Instagram post stating “Fuck the media”, a statement he defended today by releasing a vlog about the particular situation.


In the vlog, the entertainer spoke to the fact that the only reason why his mother was living at that house was that she and his father had a falling out, which caused her to leave the home the family was at and not contact them for approximately 2 years. It was after that that Nklyne said his mother finally reached out and they went to look for her, only to see her living in the one-bedroom house with her boyfriend in Newport,

This according to the deejay made them want to move her but sadly all their attempts failed as his mother told him and his brothers that she was comfortable where she was, and that was her happiness. She also made her sons know that it was close to her farm so she was good. One time, Nklyne stated that they got a new place for her but she changed her mind.

Otherwise, the vlogger/artiste said his mother got everything that she asked for and more and did not need anything, he just does not know why someone would carry out such an act.

As it concerns the Jamaica Star who highlighted the house, he was very upset with them, noting the fact that they did not choose to publicise him while he was promoting his music but decided to do so only when tragedy and controversy arose.

Watch more from NKlyne in the video below.



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