NKlyne Rising in the Music Business after Trying for 10years

Nklyne is a prolific Blogger who says the journey as an artiste from out in the country took him over 10 years and along the way people told him that he couldn’t make it from the country.

He said there is only one radio station “Roses fm” being run by Barrington Levy in Clarendon; this makes it hard for talent to be exposed in that area. NKlyne believes no matter where you are you can be heard, because of the internet.


NKlyne sees the music as something that will get better with time. He was born in Spaulding Clarendon and relocated to Williams field in Manchester.

He believes when he makes music with Sky Bad they have the formula to produce hits.

However, even if he emailed a file to the disc jockey’s he doesn’t hear them being played on the radio.

After ten years searching, he says faith caused him to reach where he is today. He wasn’t doing the music in the right way before. His song “Guard” is the big song now.

He wanted to prove to the people in Manchester that you can make it from anywhere and they shouldn’t give up.

Watch his Interview below.

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