No Charges Against Officer in Shooting of Jacob Blake

January 6, 2021

The killing of George Floyd had caused a lot of unrest in Kenosha starting in the Summer and the shooting of Jacob Blake made it worse.

Officer Rusten Sheskey of the Kenosha Police Department who was responsible for the shooting, was placed on administrative leave after. He was a 7-year veteran in the Police Department there.


The top prosecutor in the case did not charge the officer even though Jacob was severely injured outside an apartment and the people began to riot.

It was reported that Mr. Blake turned around with a knife in his hand to face the officer before he was shot.

This has been a case that shows up the extreme racial bias that exists in the US. The relatives of Mr. Blake have been distraught about the decision not to charge the officer.

This is regarded as another case that proves that Black people are not safe in America and Black lives are not valued there as much as white people.

B’Ivory LaMarr the lawyer who represents Mr. Blake’s family revealed that the family might be planning to bring civil action in the near future as they seek justice for Jacob.

Other persons are saying there was excess use-of-force because 1 shot would be enough to stop the threat to the officer’s life and he had fired many shots at Mr. Blake.


The Kenosha Police Union issued a statement about the case, saying the verdict had vindicated Rusten Sheskey.

Check footage below from the crime scene and the news report.



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