No More Extension for the State of Emergency says the Opposition

A State of Emergency was started in some places in Jamaica because of the high crime rate and it has been going on for many months. However, members of the opposition have started to lash out against the use of this measure to reduce crime.

Mr. Phillip Paulwell is concerned about the citizens in his constituency. He says they are suffering because of increased crime, since the criminals have migrated from the areas where there is an increase in the activity of the Police and they are now found in East Kingston. The minister said he would be following in the footsteps of Mrs. Natalie Neita Headley (an MP that did not vote to extend the SOE when she was asked to) and he would not be voting to extend the State of Emergency again.


He cannot understand why the Prime Minister is so excited about the success of the SOE in some areas, and he is not paying any attention to Kingston and other areas where crime has been trending upwards.

Other PNP Members of Parliament who are planning not to vote for the extension have said the money that is being spent on the SOE should be spent on cars for the police, as there are a lot of police stations that have no vehicles and those that have vehicles have no petrol to put in them.

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