NO New music from Vybz Kartel amidst Appeal

Friday, July 27, 2018, 9:22 PM

[Sharingbuttons]It Can can be noted that the world is yet to hear a new song from Vybz kartel over the period of his appeal in fact his last release might have been months ago, something that’s unlike Vybz Kartel. The pressures of the appeal, we are yet to see Vybz Kartel also since his appeal. Vybz Kartel earlier declares via his legal team that he would not be present in court during appeal, as a result the public and fans are yet to see him physically, did he lost weight or did he put on some more pounds over the last month or so?

One must also note that Vybz Kartel has not release any Badman/Gun songs since the turn of the year, something he has always done previously in his career.


The Court of Appeal can make three decisions after the trial, there can be a decision to acquit and the accused persons will go home. A decision can be made to order a retrial and an accused person might fail in the trial and they are then remanded in custody and they will serve the rest of their sentence.

Kartel’s Fate now in Judges Hands

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