North East St. Ann Jamaica Labour Party’s position Up For Grabs?

Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 4:16 PM GMT-5

The political Climate of North East St. Ann is consumed at this time by a growing air of controversy surrounding the contenders for the position for the spot that the late Shahine Robinson, Minister of Labour and Security left.

In relation to some of the contenders, niece of the late Minister, Gianna Fakhourie has reportedly expressed that some of the potential candidates have said that Minister Robinson had given them her endorsement before she passed away and she has an issue with that.

In a social media post, she reportedly mentioned that her aunt clarified her position in the succession plan she laid down for the constituency by making it clear that willing her seat to anyone is not an option as it belongs to the people.

She further mentioned that her aunt said that she cannot force anyone on the people as they are equipped with the free will of choice and will make their decision as they did with her.

So far there are sounds of previous campaign manager, Tyrone Robinson, Senator Kerensia Morrison and Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, the minister of foreign affairs and trade being voiced as substitutes for the late minister of the Jamaica Labour Party’s position.

Public interest for the position however has only been declared by Robinson but a final decision has not yet been made.

Adding to the air of controversy are talks of secret meetings coming in from news sources of the councillor and a probable candidate to proceed with a campaign while the niece of the late minister remarked that a female was the most favorable to get the position.

She further spoke to what she was hearing relative to people with running interest as well as to verify that the favored candidate has not yet had a meeting and is being very respectful to the process of laying her aunt to rest.

The proceedings concerning the contenders according to reports will commence after Robinson has been laid to rest.

Expressing her commitment to the wishes of her aunt, Fakhourie said she was in disbelief that she had been put in her position by a trusted person.

In the general election of February 2016 Robinson won her seat by a total of 10,669 votes to the 7,799 votes of Desmond Gilmore of the People’s National Party.

The date of the next general election in accordance with the constitutional process of Jamaica would be set for February 2021 but there are already talks of an earlier electoral process for the country.

Latest reports are that SOE will end in July to make way for the pending General Elections.

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