North Korea Reports Zero Covid-19 Cases

Sceptics are suspiciously peering into North Korea’s claims of having no Coronavirus infection, which they recently reported to the World Health Organization “WHO”, even though the country stated that they are treating the issue as a “matter of National Interest”.

According to “WHO”, for April between the 23rd and 25th, North Korea tested 25,986 people, and regardless of the no coronavirus claims, 751 people have been recognized with flu symptoms or bad respiratory issues.

On their side regardless of the scoffers, North Korea, has discussed with the World Health Organisation the measures they took to have a Covid-19 free population by letting them know that their borders have been closed off to trade and travel, tourists have been banned for now to enter the country and they have sent diplomats back to their respective countries.

The doubters have raised the point that the claims might not be true because the country currently shares borders with China.

Just recently North Korea has also decreased their efforts to have people quarantined, something they did with tens of thousands of people last year who were showing symptoms.

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