Nurse Blamed and Receives Death Threats after Michael Sharpe Died

Friday, April 23, 2021, 5:52 PM

The well-known journalist Michael Sharpe, died after he got his Covid-19 vaccine. 10 days after he got the vaccine he was hospitalized and the nurse who administered it was getting threats after he was hospitalized, but since he died, the threats have become deaths threats.

A moment that started with smiles and warmth has turned into something dark and threatening. There could be a need for security for nurses, as there are people who are verbally attacking the nurse who gave Mr Michael Sharpe the jab before he was hospitalized.


No one knows how the strangers got the nurse’s cell phone number, but after she received many threatening calls, she is now very worried and demotivated and other nurses are feeling demotivated as well.

Mr. Sharpe said he was having problems with his heart before he was vaccinated, and it is not known if he died because he got the jab or his death was a result of heart failure.

Minister Tufton, the Health Minister is calling on all Jamaicans to be calm and allow the health care professionals to continue working to get rid of the virus.

There are people who were against vaccination and now they could be using the news of the death of Mr Sharpe to spread fear of Covid-19 vaccines. Health professionals are not elated about the situation at this time.

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