Officer Kills His Wife and Himself in Waltham Park

Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 9:22 PM

Jamaica News, Another law enforcer turns gun on his wife. The incident took place sometime this morning, on Waltham Park Road in St Andrew, an eye witness explains that a Man ran down his wife over alleged cheating issues, he then shot her in the back after which she tries to run around him and then hold on to him, then he fatally shot her and after finding out that she was dead, put the gun to his head and killed himself too.

“mi seh a run him run dung di bloodcleet gal enuh…” a woman explains


Another man in a voice note gave similar accounts on how the double murder took place.

A lady that was there when it all happen states that the daughter of the 2 married couple was crying to her mommy to run because daddy his coming after seeing her father angry and with a gun. Their daughter who’s 12 years old witness everything.

Both of them were said to be correctional officers, she was on her way to work when this happened, This took place about after 7am.

She reportedly begged for her life before being killed. Maybe we’ll never find out details on what happened to cause such a wicked act.

Further reports state that the 2 had a very abusive relationship, with the husband being the aggressor after the wife separated from him.

High Stress Job
Arlington Turner who is Chairman at Jamaica Federation of corrections while talking on the matter states “this have been brewing for quite some time.. many of us knew very well about it.. this is a wake up call for the department”, he went on to explain that the necessary facility is not in place to deal with officers who are having internal or external issues, there is no one to treat them.

After more checks it was disclosed that the married couple was offered counseling but only the wife agreed. The Husband worked at a juvenile center while the wife worked at Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre.

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