One Don Trial Adjourned Because Of Covid-19 Testing Of Defendants

The trial concerning the “One Don” faction of the Klansman gang has been adjourned once more for the third time since it started, only that this time the reason was due to two defendants not being available to stand before the court on Monday, due to them being absent due to Covid tests that had to be done.

The accused men that should have been in court but were absent were Owen Ormsby and Andre Golding, whose situation was explained to chief Justice Sykes.


Judge Sykes was told that the men had to be tested after the virus was detected in the same area of St. Catherine where the men were being remanded.

According to the Jamaica Observer who brought the news, the court is currently awaiting the results of the Covid-19 tests to continue with the trial as soon as possible.

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, was not happy with the fact that the men were not able to do a remote hearing due to the facility they were being held at not having the capability, which he stated must be fixed

With the first witness, giving a testimony implicating several alleged members of the gang in criminal activities, the case is indeed heating up.

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