One Love Biopic is a “Make Up Story” and Bob Marley Would be “Totally Upset” says Allan ‘Skill’ Cole

Former Jamaican football player and former friend of Reggae legend Bob Marley, Allan ‘Skill’ Cole, has voiced his opinion that the Bob Marley: One Love biopic does not properly represent the singer on screen. He further proclaimed that it did not do a good job representing his controversial relationship with Cindy Breakspeare.

Following the release of Bob Marley: One Love, there have been varied opinions expressed about the representation of Marley’s life as well as Jamaicans. Though some members of the Marley family and individuals close to the musician were closely involved with the production of the film, some have deemed it inauthentic.

Despite mixed reviews, the film continues to pull in impressive box office numbers, both locally and internationally. However, Cole has not watched the film and has no plans to.

Speaking on Entertainment Report, Cole expressed that he is one of the multiple people who contributed to Marley’s vibrancy but are not recognised for their contribution. Unlike photographer Neville Garrick, who passed away last year, Cole shared that he was not consulted during the production of the biopic.

According to Cole, who was Marley’s road manager, he knew the singer better than anyone else.

“I was the closest person to him, and I know his history more than anyone else. I knew so much about him, and we spent so much time together. Things that we share, I don’t think nobody knows,” Cole stated.

Cole also stated that he has not watched the movie because he does not think it captures Marley’s true essence. Cole went on to criticise the limited inclusion of Cindy Breakspear in the film.

While he said Rita Marley was his first love, the former footballer described Cindy as an integral part of Marley’s later life that helped his rise to fame. Cole further suggested that the film was disingenuous, with aspects of it made up. 

He particularly took issue with a scene of Rita slapping Bob.

“Make-believe; it’s a make up story. I was dismayed [ … ] I think the box, that box that I saw in di clip, that she box him, it is totally misleading,” Cole stated.

Additionally, Cole shared that he thinks Marley would not have liked the film.

“I think he would have been totally upset [ … ] There are a lot of lies.”

Watch the interview below:

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