Our Best MMO Games Will Not Leave Anyone Indifferent

August 20, 2020

Want to plunge into the world of massively multiplayer online games, without age restrictions, where each player has their character in the virtual world, then choose the best option from our top. It’s simple, You can choose gracia epilogue server on l2topservers and enjoy the process, interacting with other players and pumping your hero even more. Believe me, the first impression will soon be forgotten and you will be difficult to stop on the way to fame. MMO attracts millions of players from all over the world and makes you forget about everyday problems, both Housewives and people of retirement age. Not for nothing, companies spend millions of dollars every year to develop the best content for gamers inviting the most talented programmers. 

World Of Warcraft

This is a record holder MMO, where a 10-million-strong army of users fights among themselves in the fantastic lands of Azeroth. The moment when Blizzard launched its popular Warcraft series made many people happy around the world. The path to fame was paved by Warcraft 3, which became the forerunner of the current gold standard. Many of the project’s authors were initially skeptical about future success due to problems encountered at the initial stage of development. Now, years later, the company is enjoying its triumph, and players experience a lot of positive emotions in the role of their favorite characters.


Sony Everquest II:

With the first Everquest, Sony has long remained the best, but the appearance of WOW, broke all plans and the company was content with only second place. In the heat of competition, Everquest II was born, but WOW’s position remained unshakeable. Since the action from the first version, 5 centuries have passed in the world of Norrath and now it is home to 16 races and 24 classes, an excellent choice for any gamer. The game has been transformed for the better and has elegant graphics, although not every computer can cope with it.

Lord Of The Rings Online (LOTRO)

Of course, our review could not do without this masterpiece based on Tolkien’s book. The game stands out for its fantastic graphics compared to other MMO’s. Do not be afraid to get lost in this fairy tale, becoming an elf, dwarf, or any other inhabitant of Middle-earth. Visit the Mines of Moria and take part in the Siege of Mirkwood and other notable events, in any case, you will have a great time.

Lineage II

Here you will find a realistic three-dimensional world, with beautiful forest and mountain landscapes which can only be a marvel. All the characters, including animals and monsters, look very plausible. Lineage allows you to participate in epic battles using a large number of weapons, armor, and artifacts for every taste. You can be a dark or light magician, use spells, various monsters, and control the living dead, choosing your path.


A great option for fans to move their brains, with the passage of numerous quests and the destruction of various characters by the power of spells. Here you will have your hero, who will only become stronger over time and learn new abilities. The world is populated by various creatures and monsters, but this will not prevent you from finding a lot of treasures. But this game is unlikely to suit fans of hardcore and fabulous graphics.

Final Fantasy XI

The game has won many awards and has an army of fans, including users of PS2, Windows, and Xbox 360. They all share a love of the fantasy world with hardcore battles, transitions between worlds with different plot twists, and quests of different significance. Turn on your imagination and choose your story with any physical and magical abilities.


The leaders are known, but the story doesn’t end there. We offer you a few more candidates for leading positions, although they are unlikely to surpass the favorites.


Project “Unreal Tournament meets Counter-Strike” wins the hearts of fans even before its release, promising a fantastic game in every sense. You are waiting for: amazing landscapes, perfect models, high-resolution textures, proper lighting, amazing armor suits, and powerful weapons.


Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning:

This is a typical MMORPG game, but the brilliant graphics leave other projects far behind. The confrontation between humans, dwarves, light elves, against dark forces takes on a new meaning. You are guaranteed with a full immersion in the topic with a lot of positive emotions.


Tabula Rasa

This project with brilliant gameplay is better suited to the name “MindMMO” because you will have to try hard to get to the end. Here, the transfer of action time from the fantasy past to the science-fiction future is perceived in a new way and becomes only more interesting. Get ready, your waiting for 50 levels of unforgettable adventures, and this will not leave anyone indifferent.


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